What Does the MDA Do?

Families are at the heart of MDA’s mission. A caring and concerned group of families started MDA in 1950, and we continue to relentlessly pursue our promise to free families from the life-threatening effects of muscular dystrophy and muscle-debilitating diseases today.

MDA is leading the fight to free individuals — and the families who love them — from the harm of muscular dystrophy, ALS and related muscle-debilitating diseases that take away physical strength, independence and life. We use our collective strength to help kids and adults live longer and grow stronger by finding research breakthroughs across diseases, caring for individuals from day one and empowering families with services and support in hometowns across America.

MDA takes a big-picture perspective across neuromuscular diseases to uncover breakthroughs that will accelerate treatments and cures. The power in this research approach is that knowledge and information from one disease can often yield progress in others to speed urgently needed answers for families.

Bret Michaels with boy from MDA

How Can You Help?

The freedom to walk, to talk, to run and play. To laugh, to hug. To eat. To breathe. Each day across the country, these everyday freedoms are taken away from kids and adults with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related diseases that weaken muscle strength and severely limit mobility.

You can change that. Together, we can free families from the harm of these devastating diseases so they can live unlimited.

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